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" I just wanna fly away with my friend from all the bitch for a while "




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This Awkwardness.
Friday, 17 January 2014 • 08:15 • 0 comments

Hi there. Long time no see. I've already started my foundation 3rd sem. Wow, time flies so fast right? Next sem, i'm gonna be an undergraduate student. Do u know what it's means? Ijazah beb.

okayy forget about it. i'm gonna start my story now.

Chingu. Means friend. I've made a friend last sem. He's a guy. I means he's a good friend although idk which part of it but he's nice. We've always(?) been closed. But when i'm started this sem, seems like our friendship becomes awkward. Idk maybe it's just me. He's trying to befriend with as usual but my feeling is not very good. Maybe there's part where i'm terasa. Idk why but i thinks i'm macam tawar hati pulak.

okayy prasangka baik. Dia sibuk uruskan new student. Penat. Habis 2-3 pagi. Classes lagi en. That's okayy Nadia. I gonna be as usual when he kembali kepada normal. Means takde la busy mane nanti. Sebab kalau orang penat kan cepat bad mood. So, i'm gonna be calm as possible. Sabar.

Anyway, fighting for him dalam uruskan freshies semua tu :D


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