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" I just wanna fly away with my friend from all the bitch for a while "




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Sunday, 7 April 2013 • 22:19 • 0 comments

Annyeonghaseyo.Hari nyh nadia nak igt kn smua blogger.Korg msti da taw kn yg follow button sememang nye sgt" pnting.Sume post nyh b'ttjuan untok korg check blek korg nye follow button tuh.Sume da ade follow button kan?

1.Open dashboard > template.

2.Tekan ctrl+f serentak.

3.Cari kod follow

4.Check korg nye blog ID.Cam gini.

5.Pasti kan blog ID tuh korg nye blog.

Bagi pengguna template/blogskin blogger laen pnye,kdg" org yg design template/blogskin korg tuh dyorg letak blog ID dyorg nye sendiri.Nnti bile visitor blog korg klik follow button tuh,automatic visitor tuh follow blog designer bukan korg nye blog.

6.Kalau still kosong tak pon dy de tulis 'blog ID',gantikan dgn korg nye blog ID.Nak letak url blog korg pon takpe.



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