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" I just wanna fly away with my friend from all the bitch for a while "




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Nothing Gold Can Stay
Sunday, 3 November 2013 • 10:05 • 0 comments

Assalamualaikum and hi.

First of all, i'm sorry because long time no update. Its not that i don't have time but this sem my life is kinda tiring. Well yeah, last time i posted about my "crush". uhmm not anymore guys. You wouldn't want to meet a guy like him. Totally FAKE! I don't what wrong with but seriously..SO POMPOUS.

First time i met he was nice. He introduced himself and etc. The early weeks also, he's being super nice with me. Smile when we met. BUT he not only didn't smile at him, he once gave me "what the fuck--" looks. Chinca. Can he be more annoying?! GOSHH Y I MET HIM?!


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