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I all grown up now
Thursday, 20 February 2014 • 09:30 • 0 comments

Assalam & Hi.

pic cr to the owner

not so long time no see :) yeah just no i opened my blog n check the stats. :))))) somehow it made me happy. i've seen from the traffic sources and found :

  • my post abt airport fashion is quite famous hehe exp lay's
  • then abt exos
  • and there's a keyword "jaejoong & taemin" . i wonder what it's means? as i remember, i never post anything abt jaejoong nor taemin(not so sure). hmmm

ok move on

one of the sources, i found this. i posted it almost half a year ago. wow~ so long already. luhan's gif :))) so cute~i think abt the ranking it not so true now after watching exo's showtime. yehet! ohorat! kkaebsong~ this is not my style & etc. it changing right?

mind sharing ur opinion abt the ranking. change or not? if yes, pls share ;) k

that's all from me. annyeong~


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