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" I just wanna fly away with my friend from all the bitch for a while "




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Friday, 29 June 2012 • 10:40 • 0 comments

Back Againnnn!!!

This is my HOTTEST guy ever...

suda b'taon aq mnat kpop ny..tpu la aq ta mnat namja2 skalian..

1.infinite hoya..

law kowg tgk pic at ats ny mmg da clear bahawasenye aq mmg mnat gle at hoya @ nme sbnr dy lee howon..atlet pcot infininte..

2.exo-m kris

exo..grup yg aq bru je mnat..dyowg sume mmg ensem y ter-amat sgt!!
but both the leader yg ter-baik..

3.2pm taecyeon

ha..yg ny sume owg confem da tw..mmg ta dpt dnafikn agy la..

4.exo-k suho

rse nye ny ta pyh xplaination kot.. jong ki

mamat ny sbnr nye plkon..dy wt aq melt ble tgk dy snyum..


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